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Victoria Beck
Feistritzgasse 5, 1210 Wien, Österreich
Object of the company: Schmuck
VAT-Number: ATU75069239
GISA: 32283457
Corporate register number: Firmenbuchnummer
Corporate register court: Handelsgericht Wien (Firmenbuchgericht)
Company location: Wien
Phone: +43 664 2101605
Member of: WKO
Laws re. professions: Gewerbeordnung:
Supervisory/Trade authority: Aufsichtsbehörde/Gewerbebehörde
Job title: Künstlerin
Awarding country: Österreich
Contact details of the data protection controller 

If you have any questions regarding our refund and return policy, or about data protection please contact us via our contact page or use the contact details of the body or person responsible for data protection below:

Victoria Beck
Feistritzgasse 5, 
1210 Wien, Österreich

Authorised to represent:
Victoria Beck
Phone: +43 664 2101202

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